Even if the spirits of my elders are all chickens, I am also a phoenix. You didn't listen. Before, is there a golden phoenix in the grass nest?" Ma Hongjun said in an angry voice. Tang San, this Martial Spirit of Fatty is very strange. The dean said that his martial soul is a mutant martial soul. "Tang San asked. He has heard a lot about mutant martial souls. There are only two cases when martial souls mutate. One is that the master himself suffers from martial soul mutations. And the martial soul of Ma Hongjun in front of him is obviously It is a kind of benign mutation.In their village, everyone's spirits are basically a kind of non-aggressive poultry. I don’t know what’s going on. When I arrived at him, Dai Mubai said, “Don’t say it’s me, even Ma Hongjun himself knows it. The martial soul has undergone a mutation, and he has the ability to fire naturally. Fatty didn’t go to school by himself. , But he was brought back after being discovered by the dean in their village three years ago. He should be about the same age as you.""Due to the mutation of the Martial Spirit, Fatty has a strong flame ability. This kind of flame is very strange.