Not only is the temperature extremely high, but it is also very difficult to extinguish with strong attachment. The dean said that after his Martial Spirit mutated, It is really possible to become a phoenix. However, his martial soul also has a huge flaw. Although the mutation has brought strong soul power, it also has a certain impact on his body. The ability has become extremely strong, and Impulse is ten times that of ordinary people. If it is only suppressed without being guided, then it is possible to be killed by the explosion of this evil fire at any time." Ma Hongjun hurriedly added, "The evil fire cannot be suppressed. Live!"Tang San and Xiao Wu were a little startled, their eyes became extremely weird. Although Tang San had a lot of knowledge of mutant martial arts, it was the first time he heard of someone like Ma Hongjun. If the fat man in front of him is about the same age as them, he should be only twelve years old. A twelve-year-old boy actually needs to find a woman to prevent his martial spirit from backlashing, which is too shocking.