What surprised Xiao Wu was that the purple flame actually had a sticky feeling, and it didn't go out even after being touched. Unless below, she can only throw out her own shoes and stand on the spot with her bare white feet. "Girl Cuihua, what are you?" Xiao Wu looked at Cuihua like Ma Hongjun, and couldn't help feeling a little confused. Wasn't this fat guy bullying her before? Why now again. Cuihua begged: "Don't fight. In fact, Hongjun is a good person, but we have nothing to do. So I can only break up with him. You go, I just tell him clearly."Ma Hongjun said angrily: "Don't care about me, get out of the way." Then, he pushed Cuihua away and rushed towards Xiaowu again, but he was afraid of hurting Cuihua. He didn't use the second soul again. Technique. At this moment, a louder voice sounded, "Tang San, Fatty, what are you doing?" Tang San and Ma Hongjun looked in the direction of the sound at the same time, only to see a white dress with neatly combed hair. Mubai was walking in their direction. Xiao Wu snorted, "What's the matter? Ask him. This fat guy is bullying the girl in broad daylight, and we can't see it, we want to teach him." Dai Mubai's cold shell suddenly couldn't help but laugh, "Xiao Wu, I miss you.