Dai Mubai continued: "Therefore, this guy will often burn himself in lust, and if he doesn't vent his vent, he would have died a long time ago. Although his martial spirit itself is very powerful, lust is not so easy to cultivate." Xiao Wu Frowning: "But, don't harm other girls. That's hooliganism."Ma Hongjun said angrily: "What is evil? We are your wish. Although my fat man is a bit stronger. But I have never forced anyone. We are all yours. I am not a gangster." Tang Three looked at Dai Mubai. Dai Mubai nodded, and said, "This is true. Fatty never forced others. The Cuihua girl was indeed his girlfriend." Xiao Wu snorted, "Don't force others? Then why do they want to make peace with others." He broke up?" The fat man's face flushed, and Dai Mubai's face became embarrassed.Dai Mubai coughed, and said embarrassingly, "Because this guy has too many times when the evil fire can't hold it back. Wanting to endure what he needs three or four times a day is not something an average girl can do. So, he came to the college.