Sure enough, Xiao Wu didn't give Ma Hongjun any chance to react. He turned around and came to his back. He supported the ground with both hands, and instantly flicked his feet. It was directly clamped on Ma Hongjun's neck. The first spirit ring technique was used to activate the waist bow. Xiao Wu's entire body was like a large arc-shaped bow, and the light of the first spirit ring instantly covered her whole body. Immediately after, her body was like a bow of full moon suddenly exerting force, and Ma Hongjun's body was suddenly thrown out. The effect of the soul ability of the waist bow: instantaneously enhances one's waist strength by , and the body strengthens by . After the tenth level of spirit power, for each additional level, the effect of increasing the amplitude of the waist bow is increased by . In other words, after Xiao Wu started her waist bow, she was able to increase her waist strength by . The elastic rupture that bursts out instantly throws out any non-power opponent with a spirit power of or less. Of course, the waist bow is often good, but at least it must be close to the enemy in order to be effective. Otherwise, waist strength is useless. It's hard to imagine that Xiao Wu's waist, which is not as thick as Ma Hongjun's thighs, can emit such a huge elasticity.