Deer (Cervidae) is a family of animals in the order Artiodactyla of Mammals. It is a horned ruminant of various sizes, distributed in Eurasia, Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, North America, South America north of latitude 40° and Southwest Africa. There are about 34 species in the world, totaling 16 There are about 52 species.

Deer are characterized by solid bifurcated horns. Generally, only males have one pair of horns, and females have no horns, with a body length of 0.75 to 2.90 meters and a weight of 9 to 800 kg.

Appearance feature The eye socket is sunken, with facial glands; with foot glands; without gallbladder. The body length is 0.75 ~ 2.90 meters, Weight 9 to 800 kilograms. Stomach has 4 compartments, ruminating. 32 to 34 teeth. Long slender legs, good at running. Most species have horns, but non-horn species have fang-like upper canine teeth.

Life habits A typical herbivore, eating grass, bark, twigs and saplings. Good at swimming.